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Pattern Imprinted Concrete

Pattern Imprinted Concrete is a method of stamping the surface of freshly poured ready mixed concrete to simulate the look of cobbles, brick, slate, tile & stone. Pattern Imprinted Concrete is maintenance free and unlike Gravel, Asphalt or Block Paving will not sink or spread, and is weed and stain resistant. It is a perfect soultion for driveways, patios and paving for homes and commercial premises.


  • Weed free
  • Low maintenance
  • Oil & stain resistant
  • Permanent colour & texture
  • UV stable (will not fade)
  • Freeze / Thaw protected concrete
  • Fibre re-inforced
  • Matt or gloss finish
  • Fully proven worldwide
  • Every installation is distinctive and unique

The installation process;

  1. Firstly we excavate your area to be paved and remove all soil from the site.
  2. Next, a crushed stone or hardcore sub-base is added to level and plate compacted to provide a solid foundation.
  3. Formwork / shuttering is then erected to shape and hold the concrete in position while it is being placed.
  4. The specially formulated fibre re-inforced concrete is then placed at 100mm / 4" thick.
  5. The high strength mix is compacted, coloured and trowel finished.
  6. An 'Antique' release is then added. This stops our printing mats from sticking to the concrete and provides a secondary colour in the deeper parts of the pattern, to give a natural look.
  7. Once the concrete has cured sufficiently (generally 24-48 hours, dependant on time of year) the surface is washed down to reveal the base colour of paving. The surrounding area is also cleaned at this time.
  8. Control joints are cut and the pattern aligned where possible.
  9. Once dry, the surface is then sealed (matt or gloss) to protect it from stains, and to enhance the colour.

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We do Concrete Driveways in the following areas:

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